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Dispelling False Notions – Part 1

Dispelling False Notions_P1

“The Qur’an is an Explanation of All Things for the Noble Prophet (Allah give him peace and blessings)” – Part 1

A rejoinder to various Deobandi objections to my article:

“Knowledge of the Unseen Theology: Arguments on the Scope of Prophetic Knowledge”


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  1. Alhamdulillah, another scholarly presentation from the young Shaykh that intricately details the evidences regarding the Holy Prophet (saw) ubiqutous knowledge and the rationale that his unique finite knowledge encompasses all things in creation and beyond as it increases his understanding of the infinite attributes of Allah and the unfolding eternity of the Akhira.

    Possibly, the first detailed exposiiton of this type on this subject truly treating the topic with such seriousness drawing evidences from across the Ahlus sunnah wal Jama’ah tradition from the Prophetic era, understanding of the Sahabah and salf us saliheen concurrence with this position that was subsequently presented and promoted by many giant scholarly authorities within our diverse Sunni Islamic history. .

    May Allah increase and elevate the young Shaykh in his wisdom, ‘ilm and effectiveness to unpack and convey the subltleties of the truth of our Sunni tradition to a whole new generation globally dispelling myths and misinterpretation whilst scholarly upholding the ideals of our Deen. Ameen, bi jah Sayyidul Mursaleen. Ghulam Rasool Sultani, Tipton.

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