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Intellectual Deceit: Tampering with Islamic Manuscripts at Institutes in Saudi Arabia

Download here: Intellectual_Deceit

A heartbreaking account on the loss of a valuable manuscript on the history of the Holy Sanctuary of Makkah of the late Ottoman period and biographical dictionary of its elite Ulama, Nashr al-Nur wa al-Zahr fi Tarajim Afadhil Makkah min al-Qarn al-Ashir ila al-Qarn al-Rabi Ashr by Qadi Abdullah Mirdad al-Makki (d. 1924) نشر النور والزهر في تراجم افاضل مكة من القرن العاشر الى القرن الرابع للقاضي عبد الله مرداد.


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